Seeking to produce long-term-tangible results


Washington, D.C.

A three year investment working with the people of Capital City Fellowship to plant and grow a vibrant community of believers focused on becoming more Christlike and reaching the lost in the nation's capital.


northwest houston

Over the course of several years, we've had the opportunity to invest in Fellowship of Champions in numerous ways. When we began there was no worship ministry to speak of but we were able to recruit volunteers from within the existing members of the church body. We cast a vision, trained, mentored and modeled both for the team of volunteers and the congregation at large.  Senior pastor during this time Charles Culpepper said of this work,

“Because of his servant heart, God given skills and ability to build, lead and teach worship, our fellowship has entered into deeper and richer experiences of worshiping the Father.”

A few years after that initial work, we returned to help once again with staff development training and support for a new leader in the church youth program. Throughout the process, from recruiting, training, mentoring and developing, we helped empower both the new leader and a team of volunteers establish a strong and vibrant ministry to reach the youth in the community.

Additionally, we were able to help build up a solid group of youth volunteer servant leaders.  These teens, deeply committed to sharing Christ, learned to serve and produce a quality youth worship service that included a full band and youth volunteers who operated sound, lighting and video like true pros.

During this same period of time, we continued to invest in adult ministry as a worship pastor; and, by facilitating staff leadership and serving in an interim executive pastoral role.  In these roles we helped develop marketing campaigns, plan sermon series, create and develop media, and map out the seeds of a small group ministry.


Red Oak, texas

Providing leadership as an interim worship pastor for First Baptist Church Red Oak, we helped maintain consistency and quality of leadership while the church undertook a series of staff transitions.  During this time, we continued to mentor and develop worship volunteers and cast a vision for sharing Jesus through the Sunday morning worship service. Of this collaboration and contribution, senior pastor Rusty Shuler stated,

"There are some who have incredible talent to lead worship; and, then there are others with an incredible capacity of heart to earnestly care for and pastor people.  Matthew is both of these!  More than a talented worship leader, he is a worship pastor; and, there are no gimmicks with him - he is the real deal, genuine through and through."