Bear Fruit

Genesis 9:7 identifies (at least in part) what we have been placed here to achieve. We are to bear fruit. Bearing fruit is a representation of hard work and the harvest of a product. And, here God specifies, we are meant to succeed at our labors.

Labor requires an earnest investment of time, talents, and sweat equity! BUT, Genesis 9:7 is a God ordained directive: we are here to bear fruit!

And more, we are here to “lavish life on earth!” And, “live bountifully!”

This implies, no — it more than implies — it’s a directive: we are to thoroughly enjoy life on earth! To live bountifully and to the absolute maximum limits of full!

Don’t know about you, but that does not accurately paint the image of my whole life. But, I sure want my whole life to “bear fruit” and be identifiable by a generous “lavish” and “bountiful” manifestation of living! And, I don’t think that means an accumulation or quantity of things: because, “the more you grab, the less you are” (Prov.1:19). There is no life in a hoarding stockpile of possessions (Matt.6:19).


I think it more reflects a quality of each passing moment in life. Not the occasional moments. But, every moment, every breath we receive!

Again, the requirement is a hard and earnest investment of time, talents, and sweat equity! And, be sure to know, it all starts with God (Prov.1:7).

But, don’t let your days slip by without purpose. Let’s get started on an adventure worth living! Don’t waste another precious moment on any cheap counterfeit when you can have the real thing of living lavishly and bearing much fruit! Let’s be about authentic Kingdom living y’all!