Matthew Nelson is a worship pastor, consultant, business owner and founder of Little Worshipboy! Music Ministry. With more than 30 years in ministry, he has a passion for teaching others to live a lifestyle of worship. Matthew believes music has the ability to stir the heart and human soul. As a result, one of the purposes of a worship service is to cultivate and prepare hearts for an encounter with God. A heart in this condition is like the good and fertile soil Jesus spoke of in the Parable of the Sower in Luke 8:8. It's a heart ready to hear the gentle whisper of the Master. Matthew understands how to artfully craft songs and lead others into the very presence of God. It's worship in spirit and truth that facilitates genuine opportunities for authentic, God-honoring, Christ-centered life change.

In addition to his passion for music, Matthew understands the technical side of producing a church service with excellence. His knowledge of sound, lighting and media uniquely qualify him to efficiently direct the use of these technologies to further the effective spread of the Gospel. This proficiency helps establish credibility for leading and shepherding these technically minded artists. Through this trusted partnership with Matthew, these technically gifted individuals are able to deepen their walk with Christ while at the same time discovering God's purposes for their creative expressions. This connects their giving of time, talent and energy to the mission of the church in sustainable, relevant and meaningful ways. This is equally true of his care and shepherding of others, including musicians, vocalists, staff and all who participate corporately in a worship service.

Along with weekly responsibilities leading worship, Matthew consults with churches and ministries that are unable to hire a full-time worship pastor. He has had the awesome privilege of partnering with churches, youth camps and other ministries across both the United States and the United Kingdom. Through these opportunities, Matthew has been able to minister, train and equip thousands of believers to better connect with God's heartbeat for both their own lives as well as their communities. His investments in the local Church have produced long-lasting tangible impact on the hearts and well-being of many supporting the mission to transform lives through the work of the Spirit into fully developing followers of Christ.

Matthew lives in the Great State of Texas with his wife Dawnita, and two sons, Eli and Aaron. He has many hobbies and interests, but among some of his top all time favorites is hanging out in fellowship with good friends, eating great food (Tex-Mex is his favorite), and doing just about anything in the Great Outdoors! Matthew has an undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas, and a graduate degree from Lamar University. His studies have varied widely and include education, leadership, music, and technology.